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Forgiveness is one of life’s hardest tasks, but it is also one of the most crucial. Each one of us needs a second chance. Then a third. Then a fourth. We need as many new starts as it takes. We need the opportunity to try again, and then again, and we need to grant others the space to do the same.

— Vinita Hampton Wright, Daily Inspiration for Women, p. 198


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Bad weather

always looks worse

through a window.

— Tom Lehrer

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What did I love when I was a child? What did I believe, and to what did I commit myself before any adults told me what I should commit to or what I should believe or love? Can I remember that far back?

Unless my childhood was horrendous in some way — and some childhoods are — I did enjoy a time, however brief, when I trusted my child’s intuition, when I could commune quite easily with my spirit and with God.

— Vinita Hampton Wright, Daily Inspiration for Women, p. 239

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We have moved four times in the last five years. At each house I’ve planted a small garden, and each year, we’ve moved before it flourished. Still, it pleases me to think of others enjoying the fruits of my labors. Recently I drove by our old house. The small pot of bee balm I’d planted in an empty bed had flourished to form a magnificent border.

— Jessica Mesman Griffith, Daily Inspiration for Women, p. 133

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Doubt isn’t the opposite of faith;

it is an element of faith.

— Paul Tillich

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My church

My church has but one temple,

wide as the world is wide,

set with a million stars,

where a million hearts abide.

— Unknown, signed E. O. G., “My Church”

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When I get a little money

I buy books,

and if any is left

I buy food and clothing.

— Erasmus

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