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Easter wants to come

When dawn stands still with wonder

when birds jubilate in the trees

when buds hurry into blossoms

and grass starts wearing green

I always know that Easter wants to come again.

But deeper yet and richer still

when Jesus, imprisoned in me,

asks me to roll away the stone

that locks him in

then Easter wants to come again. …

Macrina Wiederkehr, Seasons of Your Heart, p. 120-121


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Sit here while I pray

Christ comes to me

in my lethargy to say,

You sit here

while I pray.”

When you cannot pray,

Christ in you will pray.

Weary soul, know this well: merely

your desire to pray is already prayer.

— Kent Ira Groff, Facing East, Praying West, p. 61

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God in an apron

… And then suddenly

the One we loved startled us all

He got up from the table

and put on an apron.

Can you imagine how we felt?

God in an apron!

Tenderness encircled us

as He bowed before us.

He knelt and said,

“I choose to wash your feet

because I love you.” …

— Macrina Wiederkehr, Seasons of Your Heart, p. 79

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Amen, my Lord, Amen!

Amen to burning fires

in frightened hearts

to brokenness and waiting

to people still in process

unfinishedness and wounds.

Amen to life dug out of death

to questions yet unanswered

to winter nights and winter days

to emptiness and loss.

Amen to fragile, crumbling leaves

to crosses and to dying

to broken hearts and broken promises

Amen to shattered dreams!

Amen, my Lord, Amen!

— Macrina Wiederkehr, Seasons of Your Heart, p. 134

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The beyond within

My Lord

why do I storm heaven

for answers

that are already in my heart?

Every grace I need

to love folks well

has been given me

needing only my response

my willingness to let your grace

grow up in me.


lead me to the grace-filled shores

of myself rooted in you

for it is there you have made your home.

Wash these wayward feet of mine.

Water the seeds you have planted.

O lead me to the beyond within.

— Macrina Wiederkehr, Seasons of Your Heart, p. 111

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…Standing before me

with a cup of tea in her hands

she revealed to me

my foot-washing potential

(Would you mind if I wash your feet?)

How about tea every morning at ten?

she asked.

Sure, I answered

a little embarrassed

at being so touched

by something that simple

It will make ten o’clock sacred

she assured me. …

— Macrina Wiederkehr, Seasons of Your Heart, p. 81

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Pure in heart

…To be pure in heart

is to have a heart

with direction

expectation and purpose.

It is to seek first

the reign of God

believing all else

will be given it besides.

To be pure of heart

is to be free.

— Macrina Wiederkehr, Seasons of Your Heart, p. 104

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