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Dream big

Dream big! We are the cocreators, with God, of our own future. What do you want that future to look like, and how can you work toward making that future a reality?

— Margaret Silf, The Other Side of Chaos, p. 157


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Follow me

When we observe the public life of Jesus in the Gospels, we should be struck by the way he calls his followers. He just simply calls or invites or says “come and see.” Jesus does not first ask what someone has done wrong or demand confession and sorrow for sins committed. He simply says, “Follow.”  Too often we ourselves try to “clean up our act” and then we say that we will be ready to move forward in our spiritual growth. … Yet what do we see in the gospel accounts? We see Jesus calling Peter and Andrew to follow.

— David L. Fleming, What More Can I Do?, p. 20

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A prayer for generosity

Lord, teach me to be generous.

Teach me to serve you as you deserve.

To give, and not to count the cost.

To fight, and not to heed the wounds.

To toil, and not to seek for rest.

To labor, and not to ask for reward,

Save that of knowing that I am doing your will.

— David L. Fleming, SJ, What More Can I Do?, p. 10

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God with us

We don’t even need to ask God to bless this mess. If faith and science are to be trusted on this, we can assume that God is both present and active, in the formless void and in the wind of the Spirit. God is present, in the dark bewilderment and churnng of our minds and hearts when we are in transition, and in the foaming forth of the new possibilities that — God knows! — lie latent within the mess.

— Margaret Silf, The Other Side of Chaos, p. 50

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Hover over the waters

My friend recognized that morning that what I was sharing with him about my state of mind and heart was actually very much like the raw material of creation itself. If that were true, what might happen with this raw material if I could only let the Spirit hover? Might I indeed discover that what I perceive as a hopeless mess might truly be a singular gift? The action of God on the raw material of creation gives us a clue:

— A wind of change and transformation can blow across the dark void.

— A new energy can emerge, or even erupt.

— New possibilities can “foam forth”, one by one, instant by instant.

— This is the singular gift of existence, forever renewing itself.

We don’t need to understand quantum physics to recognize that these patterns of creation on the cosmic scale are also detectable in our individual lives at the microcosmic scale. What was true for the beginnings of our universe might also hold good for the beginnings of every new stage in any one life.

— Margaret Silf, The Other Side of Chaos, p. 46-47

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Baptized into wilderness

Baptize my heart in your wild love! Though restless

still, as your beloved child I will enter into wilderness.

Sure I will struggle with these beasts

and long to see you in the least:

for there I taste the angel’s feast.

— Kent Ira Groff, Facing East, Praying West, p. 32 (reflection on Mark 1:12-13)

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Jesus at twelve in the temple

answered with wisdom simple:

“Did you not know that I must

be about my Father’s interests?”

This youth had wandered;

now his mother pondered.

What are the passages

of your life

and what are their messages?

— Kent Ira Groff, Facing East, Praying West, p. 30

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