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Time for soul

What we concentrate on, the way we spend our time, tells us what we really care about. The whole question is a simple one: How do we spend our time and is that time well-spent where the soul is concerned?

— Joan Chittister, OSB, “The Monastic Way”, March 2011


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Sight is meant to nourish us, so what do we look at? Hearing is meant to nourish us, so what do we listen to? Unless we seed the soul with beauty, we cannot possibly live beautiful lives. “All poetry and music, and art of every true sort,” J.B. Phillips wrote, “bears witness to our continual falling in love with beauty and our desperate attempt to induce beauty to live with us and enrich our common life.”

— Joan Chittister, OSB, “The Monastic Way”, March 2011

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Good food, fun food, food served in candlelight or served in the sun — served with a bit of laughter and a great deal of barely disguised affection, carries us from one chapter in life to another. Carries us beyond past hurts. Carries us over life’s doubts. Carries us into whole new segments of life.

— Joan Chittister, OSB, “The Monastic Way”, March 2011

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Startled by God

Not like

a lone beautiful bird

these poems now rise in great white flocks

against my mind’s vast hills

startled by God

breaking a branch

when His foot





— Hafiz, “The Gift: Poems by Hafiz”, p. 21

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Balancing out

This [law of Indian life] is a law which, for everything you do (on all levels: physical, mental, spiritual), you must compensate, thereby maintaining a perpetual flow. For whatever you take, you replace. Whenever you receive, you give — and vice versa — for one who abuses this higher law, knowingly or unknowingly, pays compound interest.

— David Villasenor, “Tapestries in Sand: The Spirit of Indian Sandpainting”, p. 26

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Spirit dwell in me

Great Spirit, now I pray to you…

Great Spirit, hear me;

my soul is weary,

now I pray that your spirit

will dwell in me.

— Kiowa prayer

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Live by grace

Faith is the centerpiece of a connected life. It allows us to live by the grace of invisible strands. It is a belief in a wisdom superior to our own. Faith becomes a teacher in the absence of fact.

— Terry Tempest Williams

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