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Live for others

Life is an exciting business, and most exciting when lived for others. I am a pencil in the hand of God.

— Mother Teresa


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Touch of God

It appears I am not alone in my conviction that moments when we feel ‘the touch of God’ are overwhelmingly accompanied by a sense of being held in a universe that is not neutral, but is charged with a power and a presence of wisdom, goodness and love — a power that then in some small way affects our own presence in the world, if we choose to let it do so.

— Margaret Silf, Roots and Wings, p. 45

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Fulness of life

When the fully human life emerges on planet Earth in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, the shadow it provokes is immense — big enough to have life put to death — apparently…! And for anyone who follows down this narrow path of trust and faith that life is stronger than anything that can be ranged against it, there will be a personal ‘eye of the needle’, which Jesus expressed in his warning ‘You too will get crucified in your own way, if you try to live life by the vision I will give you. But trust me, and follow me anyway, and I will show you that you will no only come through the narrow path, but it will lead you to a fullness of life beyond anything you can imagine.’

The only way Jesus could possibly convince us of the truth of the promise is to model the way for us — not just by living it, but by dying it, and, indeed, passing beyond it.

— Margaret Silf, Roots and Wings, p. 88-89

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Birth of an idea

When an idea’s time has come, it begins to bubble up all over the place. People from widely different backgrounds start to explore it in very different ways. They start to notice that they are not alone. They start to talk to each other. They are amazed at the resonance they discover. No one ‘owns’ the idea. it has a life of its own. But all are invited to participate in bringing it to birth.

Perhaps our ‘flight’ [taking our wings] is nothing less than the bringing to birth of this Idea, each of us in our own way and according to our own gifts and experiences.

— Margaret Silf, Roots and Wings, p. 127

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Nothing to prove

In our world today, ‘busy-ness’ is valued and stillness is often despised. Even our holidays can become ‘activity holidays’, from which we return even more stressed than when we began.

The Guide says the key to the dream lies in stillness, not in frantic activity. He tells us there is no need to justify our existence in the world. There is nothing to prove. Just hear those words, really hear them: ‘There is nothing to prove‘!

He invites us to take quality time just to be still, to listen to his suggestions, to tell him how we are feeling, to reflect on the journey.

— Margaret Silf, Roots and Wings, p. 101

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Calm reflection

It’s not often that there is time for calm reflection first thing in the morning: either I’m in a daze or in a rush, and there is usually nothing in between these two extremes. But on one particular morning I woke to the inpouring of dawn light through my bedroom window, and had the luxury of time simply to come round gently, and absorb the living presence of all that surrounded me. It is an experience that has never left me.

— Margaret Silf, Roots and Wings, p. 19

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Authentic encounter

We tend to do most of our inner growing when we are forced out of our comfort zones. This usually means dealing with people or situations that provoke our dislike or disagreement or even our fear. It has been wisely said that there are at least two levels of ‘truth’. At a deeper level, the opposite of a true statement can be another true statement. One of the hardest challenges of becoming more fully human is to listen with respect to constructive criticism that comes our way, and to acknowledge that our opponents and critics also carry a strand of the divine mystery in their hearts. This awareness is a deep and threatening space to enter, but there may be unexpected treasure in its depths. It may become the source of a deeper peace and understanding.

— Margaret Silf, Roots and Wings, p. 151

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