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Pure of heart

…To be pure of heart

is to have a heart

with direction

expectation and purpose.

It is to seek first

the reign of God

believing all else

will be given it besides.

To be pure of heart

is to be free.

— Macrina Wiederkehr, Seasons of Your Heart, p. 104


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Love the process

Ever since the day I was born I have been trying out loud to get hold of the mystery I find shaping my life. I have been trying to take the step that will lead me to myself. We all seem to carry within us a burning desire to be more than we are. My own explanation of this desire is that it is a call from God to grow. I take all this longing and look at it. I promise to give it every opportunity to mature. There is crisis upon crisis as I stumble toward myself. It is mystery! It is wonder! It is pain! I am settling for nothing less than heaven these days, but I am discovering that part of heaven is loving getting there.

— Macrina Wiederkehr, Seasons of Your Heart, p. 134

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There is a child in us who must stay alive if we are to grow in holiness. It is the same child Jesus placed in our midst when he told us that we could hardly expect to handle heaven unless we become like that child. The tired adult in us often needs to be reminded that we are in charge of that child. You and I have the power to let it live or to bring about its early death. And so, my much-too-adult heart challenges you today: Go set free someone else’s child by  believing in your own.

— Macrina Wiederkehr, Seasons of Your Heart, p. 21

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New star

I hope a star comes out for you today

A new one that you’ve never seen before.

I hope it’s bright and bold

A prophetic star,

piercing your darkness

and helping you to see the things

you really need to see.

— Macrina Wiederkehr,

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Holy ground

…The ground you stand on is holy.

Take off your shoes!

The ground of your being is holy.

Take off your shoes!

Awaken your sleeping prophet

Believe in your Moses

and go…

— Macrina Wiederkehr, Seasons of Your Heart, p. 4

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I live!

There was a day in July

many mornings ago

(7:15 A.M. to be exact)

when my hope was so small

I didn’t know I was alive.

The doctor placed me aside

and announced the sad news of my death

right in the middle of my birth.

But God was good

and gave someone enough hope

to believe in me.

She leaned forward,

believing in darkness

what some folks refused to believe

in the light.

She believed in me;

and she held me as though

the stirring of the eternal

had just begun,

as though the mystery within

was just being born.

And the joy of it is:

She was right!

Because of her hope in me

I live! …

— Macrina Wiederkehr, Seasons of Your Heart, p. 43-44

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Love song

One summer day I sat on the back porch fully immersed in preparing a talk for a conference on “listening to God.” As I leaned over my notebook, I heard a bird singing a penetrating, melodious song. The warbling went on and on, but I did not bother to look or listen because I was concentrating on my work. Finally, an inner stirring drew me to put my pen down. I thought, “Listen! Stop what you are doing! Pay attention to this beautiful song. It is too glorious to miss.” I looked up to find the source of the singing and saw a female housefinch seated at the bird feeder and a male finch perched on a branch nearby. The male finch was singing to the female who was busily grooming her little feet and preening her feathers. She pretended to peck at the food in the feeder, seemingly ignoring the enticing song. Finally, the female finch lifted up and flew away. The moment she left the feeder, the other bird’s beautiful music stopped.

As I watched the scene, I thought, “God is always singing a love song, desiring to get my attention, wanting to let me know I am cherished, but I get absorbed in my activity. Like the female bird, I peck and clean, all the while ignoring or missing the beauty of the divine song and the One who sings it.” Only by listening to the melody of God will I recognize and respond to what is beneath the external aspects of my life. Only then will I turn my heart more fully toward the One who calls insistently to me.

— Joyce Rupp, Prayer, p. 71-72

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