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Child’s voice

God! God! With a child’s voice I cry,

weak, sad, confidingly —

God! God!

— Elizabeth Barrett Browning, “The Soul’s Travelling”


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God’s garden

The kiss of the sun for pardon,

the song of the birds for mirth,

one is nearer God’s heart in a garden

than anywhere else on earth.

— Dorothy Frances Gurney, “God’s Garden”

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They came

laden with armfuls

of food

and hearts overflowing

with endless


They came

with a sense of well-being

and a generous spirit,

leaving behind

in their own home and heart


in need of caring.

They came,

these great aunts of mine,

to steady and strengthen

my motherless mother

tending ten siblings

in the Great Depression.

They came,

not for the purpose

of teaching or preaching,

but to lend a hand

in a troublesome time.

They came

with resilient spirits,

messengers of how to endure

and thrive,

to find joy

in pieces of brokenness.

They came

leaving a legacy

in the ancestral lineage,

the hope

of better times

when all seems lost.

— Joyce Rupp, “The Aunts”, in Fly While You Still Have Wings, p. 9-10

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If my boundary stops here
I have daughters to draw new maps of the world
They will draw the lines of my face
They will draw with my gestures my voice
They will speak my words thinking they have invented them
They will invent them they will invent me
I will be planted again and again
I will wake in the eyes of their children’s children
They will speak my words
 –Ruth Whitman

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Surrendered self

Is there anything left

as death comes?

Is there a morsel or two

in what we once held

as the fullness of life?

Not much. Not much left.

We go as we come,

from a safe womb

into unfamiliar terrain

where all we can bring

is our purified love

and empty, surrendered self.

— Joyce Rupp, from “Is Anything Left?”, in My Soul Feels Lean, p. 8-9

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Look for light piercing the gloom.

Receive little joys inside old troubles.

Hold on to love in bleakest of times.

Keep faith alive when filled with doubt.

Accept help from whomever it comes.

Pray in spite of strong resistance.

Laugh amid the tattered tears.

Stand at Easter’s emptied tomb.

Remember what the message is.

Shake off what holds you back.

Cast your gaze inside your journey.

Meet the Risen One on the road.

Let renewed hope enter every step.

Watch how Love surprises you.

Observe the Freed One slipping

inside the story of your life.

— Joyce Rupp, “Easter Watch”, in My Soul Feels Lean, p. 145

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Only once

I expect to pass through life

but once.

If therefore, there be any

kindness I can show,

or any good thing I can do

to any fellow being,

let me do it now,

and not defer or neglect it,

as I shall not pass

this way


— William Penn

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