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Your history with God

By its very nature, friendship is reciprocal; one friend loves the other, and the other recognizes that love, acknowledges it, and returns it. We can’t participate in a true friendship with God until we recognize God’s love toward us. Once that begins to happen, we are able to respond to that love. The miracle is that a human being can be in a reciprocal relationship with the Divine at all. By reciprocal I don’t mean equal; God loves us in ways we could never match. But our Creator has deemed it good and possible for us to respond to divine love and for relationship to develop.

If you seek now to be in friendship with the Divine, you can choose to acknowledge God’s presence already with you, and to respond to that presence. You can do this in a number of ways; one is to look back at your history with fresh perspective.

— Vinita Hampton Wright, Days of Deepening Friendship, p. 89-90


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and attend


the ear




— St. Benedict of Nursia

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Space of silence

Let us not rush in

when conversation stops,

when words don’t wrap around the tongue.

Breathe presence.

The space of silence is a precious place.

An oasis where ideas are nurtured

and healing happens

and love speaks.

— Bernadette Davel

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Late afternoon

thirteenth century glass

catches fire

late afternoon

— Katherine Gallagher, haiku

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Dark loving

Even as we celebrate the beauty of creation and the cosmos, we feel alone at times in our sense of responsibility for its future, insignificant in light of its intricate processes. Sophia seems more absent than present in polluted seas and drought-stricken landscapes, violent human conflicts and personal suffering. But the negative way, as it manifests itself in both prayer and speech about God, does not depend on uplifting thoughts and feelings. It rests on the primacy of love. Whether God is silent or responsive, what matters is the pattern of our existence.

— Kathleen Fischer, Loving Creation, p.156

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during the sermon

I clean the week

from my nails

— Leroy Gorman, haiku

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Autumn sunlight

in the chapel

caught by the autumn sunlight

a stone rose

— Michael Gunton, haiku

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