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God’s kin


so that your own heart

will grow.


so God will think,


I got kin in that body!

I should start inviting that soul over

for coffee and



because this is a food

our starving world



because that is the purest


— Hafiz, “The Gift”, p. 330


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Rough diamond

She’s a bit of a rough diamond, people say.

Hmm, rough and diamond, the two words make an odd pair.

What does it mean?

How does a rough woman become a diamond or

a jewel of a woman become tough?

From Costa Rica to Scotland to Wyoming, the story’s the same.

She works hard for her living and raised kids to boot.

But she’ll share her last morsel and give up her bed to someone in need.

To see the sooty roughness fade away, just sit and chat, and

bit by bit, you sink into her plush, warm heart and melt into her clear, sparkling eyes.

By the time you leave, you both feel cherished; it shows in your face

and hers.

The sharp edges of this wizened old dear with the gnarled hands

have been sanded to perfection.

Not by a professional jeweler with an eye to the profit margin,

but by the Maker of everything from dust to diamonds.

In her reflection you see yourself;

You get the message.

God loves us rough diamonds, flaws and all.

— Jane Richardson Jensen and Patricia Harris-Watkins, “She Who Prays”, p. 87

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Live each day

Begin at once to live,

and count each day

as a separate


— Seneca

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A laughing matter

You need hope in the very situations where you are tempted to say, “This is no laughing matter.” How do you know that? Are you sure there isn’t something worthy of humor here? Are you sure laughter would not help you see life in a brighter light?

So come up with material for the comedian within you. Tape up cartoons where you can see them. Read what’s humorous. Write or say what’s amusing. Watch what’s hilarious. Spend time with people who tickle your funny bone. Ask others for their jokes. Tell your own. Be goofy. Let a wonderful twinkle form in your eye. When it does, hope will be forming too.

— Ronna Fey Jevne and James E. Miller, “Finding Hope”, p. 43

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There are only two ways to live your life.

One is as though nothing is a miracle.

The other is as if everything is.

— Albert Einstein

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You throw the hope switch when you acknowledge that the future is uncertain, which means that it can go in more than one direction. Consequently, it’s possible for things to turn out better than you expect as well as worse than you wish. You throw that switch when you say, ” I think hope is within the realm of possibility. I may not be sure how or when I’ll have it, but I won’t rule it out of my life forever.” You trip that switch when you pick up a book about hope and remain receptive to what it has to say.┬áHave you thrown your hope switch?

— Ronna Fay Jevne and James E. Miller, “Finding Hope”, p. 17

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The laugh of a child

One laugh

of a child

will make the holiest day

more sacred


— Robert Ingersoll

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