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Prayer to the angels

Michael, image of God’s justice,

angel warrior, God’s right arm,

march beside us on our journey;

ward off evil, fear and harm.

Gabriel, voice ofGod’s salvation,

messenger with news of grace,

teach us of god’s works and wonders

and the beauty of God’s face.

Raphael, star to brighten darkness,

giving friendship, giving sight,

walk the path that we must travel,

our companion through the night.

Joined in song by angel guardians,

let our alleluias ring,

God is with us now and always.

Glory to our Lord and King!

— author unknown


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Childhood memories

We had lots of snow, mounds of it, in fact. I had to wear high boots to walk around the farmyard. Dad would plow us out after every snowstorm. He had a loader on the front end of the tractor; and he’d dump the snow in huge mountain-like piles. These mounds were great fun to play on, and they occupied a lot of time for my siblings and me. I can still feel the cold of those winters: my chapped hands and cheeks after playing in the snow, making snow angels, digging all morning to create a tunnel, and playing fox and goose.

— Joyce Rupp, “The Circle of Life”, p. 237

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God waits for me

This is where the union of wills begins — by becoming silent enough to risk experiencing the full weight of this inner touching of the heart and then to base one’s entire life upon it… One must step off the edge of the explainable, must risk believing in God, who like an eternal beggar, poorer than poor, waits to find the one who is willing to live for God alone. One must risk entering into the silence in which one is brought to say, “I am the one for whom God waits”.

— James Finley, “The Awakening Call”

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What you see

If you look as a sunset, you might see only the disappearance of daylight.

If you look beneath, you may see darkness opening the splendor of stars…

If you look at a broken relationship, you might see only a harsh ending.

If you look beneath, you may see the courageous seeds of new growth.

If you look at lost dreams, you might see only disappointment and doubt.

If you look beneath, you may see the stuff that new dreams contain.

If you look at the death of a loved one, you might see only pervasive sorrow.

If you look beneath, you may see that love lives on forever in the heart…

— Joyce Rupp, “The Circle of Life”, p. 184

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Creative darkness

As we arrive at this dark winter time of the year, we turn our thoughts to positive aspects of darkness.  We meditate on the fertile, unexplored, deep parts o our beings where so much creative energy, so much Christ-energy awaits us. The seed in the ground does not curse the darkness. Like this seed, until we surrender to the One who awaits us, we will not feel at home in the darkness.  God is always waiting for us, longing for union with us. If we can become silent enough, perhaps, we will become aware of God awaiting us.

— Macrina Wiederkehr, “The Circle of Life”, p. 254

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Listen for the truth

Let the land, the trees, and the plants

teach you

that what you see at first glance is not the whole truth.

Winter’s first glance speaks

of barrenness and emptiness;

yet that very emptiness

houses a lovely truth.

Listen to the emptiness.

Listen for the truth.

— Macrina Wiederkehr, “The Circle of Life”, p. 252

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Ahead of them

And there

ahead of them

went the start they had seen at its rising

until it stopped

over the place where the child was.

— Matthew 2:9

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