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Make a difference

My body has taught me that a terminal is a place where journeys begin as well as end. I have learned how holy time really is, how what’s at issue is not how much we are given but how well we use what we have. I have discovered that it is possible to use time to press our spirits into footprints, fingerprints, mindprints that make a difference. I’ve learned that it is indeed possible to risk the immeasurable reach of which a human soul is capable in order to pass on what one loves to others.

— Dawna Markova, I will not die an unlived life, p. 148


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It is not too much, for the human beings that we are, to remain before God in contemplative waiting. In such prayer, a veil is lifted from what in faith cannot be expressed, and the inexpressible leads to adoration.

— Br. Roger of Taizé, Praying in Silence of Heart, p. 61

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We are part of the whole which we call the universe, but it is an optical delusion of our mind that we think we are separate. This separateness is like a prison for us. Our job is to widen the circle of our compassion so we feel connected with all people and situations.

— Albert Einstein

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Autumn prayer

Great Spirit of the West,

I bow to the place of goodbye,

where the sun slides below the horizon.

I stand in the presence of the ancestors

whose wisdom invites me further.

As they learned from their transitions,

so will I look to the teachings of this time.

I will fall into the embrace of emptiness,

trusting new life to emerge.

Draw me near as my fullness slips away.

— Joyce Rupp and Macrina Wiederkehr, The Circle of Life, p. 218

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Autumn reflection

Earth is shedding the abundance of summer. Leaves fall from the trees. Sunlight lessens. Everywhere there is a move toward letting go. Join with me as we enter into the spirit of autumn. …

Is there a part of your life that holds abundance?

If so, what is this abundance? How has it blessed you?

Is there a part of your life that has matured and come to greater fullness?

How did this maturation process begin?

— Joyce Rupp and Macrina Wiederkehr, The Circle of Life, p. 223

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Spirit of autumn

I am the sun setting in the west.

I am the tree letting go of the leaves.

I am the harvest taken from the land.

I am the bird winging swiftly southward.

Spirit Keeper of the West,

I will enter into the heart of autumn.

I will bravely enter my transitions.

I will adapt to what needs changing.

I will freely let go and not hang on.

Come, Spirit of Autumn, and teach me!

— Joyce Rupp and Macrina Wiederkehr, The Circle of Life, p. 222

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Season of wisdom

Autumn, season of wisdom and transformation, you are the golden season. You come, laughing out a harvest. The ripening of our crops has made the earth a dinner table, and you are the one who serves us. You turn our faces toward the west and remind us of the transitory nature of all things. You call us to surrender. You stir up in our souls a great hunger, a yearning for transcendence. At every moment you are dying to live while we want to live without dying. Teach us the art of surrendering that we might taste the fruit of buried seeds. Teach us to live wisely between our birth and our death. Open our hearts to all that needs transformation. Invite us to join in your beautiful dance of death. Share with us your virtues of acceptance, obedience, and wisdom. Abide with us forever. Transforming, honest season, you know when to let go. Teach us!

— Joyce Rupp and Macrina Wiederkehr, The Circle of Life, p. 27

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