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Live by intuition

Cease trying to work

everything out with

your minds, it will

get you nowhere.

Live by intuition and

inspiration and let

your whole life be a


— Eileen Caddy


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Love your neighbor

On the street I saw a girl

cold and shivering in a thin

dress, with little hope of a

decent meal. I became angry

and said to God: “Why did

you permit this? Why don’t

you do something about it?”

For a while God said nothing.

That night He replied quite

suddenly: “I certainly did

something about it.

I made you.”

— Sr. Mary Rose McGeady, “Sometimes God Has a Kid’s Face”, p. 80

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Because of her

Because of her, he had learned to look for the birds — the darting flight of wild canaries (yellow sun on yellow wings), the chesty preening of redbirds and bluebirds, the blackbird with the red-tipped wings like startling epaulets.

— Terry Kay

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Accepting who you are

Another problem with the idea of self-improvement is that it implies there is something wrong with who we are. Everyone wants to be someone else, but getting to know and love yourself means accepting who you are, complete with your inadequacies and irrationalities.

— Thomas Moore

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What I’m capable of

Most of us die

with our music


We should try

to step out of our

comfort zones and

do the things

we’re capable of.

— Mary Kay Ash

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The choice to be good

We have to work to be

good people…

Goodness always

involves the choice

to be good.

— Liv Ullman

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Be lifted up

Lift up the self

by the Self

And don’t let the

self droop down.

For the Self is the

self’s only friend

And the self is the

Self’s only foe.

— Bhagavad Gita 6:5

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