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Interior silence

We are all joined in the holiness of the mind that God created. I therefore never consider myself alone in the silence. I’m 90 and live alone in a four room house surrounded by open space. I have no TV and have always luxuriated in silence. The exterior silence is here. The interior silence is a work in progress.

— Hazel, with thanks to “Friends of Silence”, from “Meditations on Nature, Meditations on Silence” p. 56


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If you love

If you love something

set it free.

If it comes back to you

it’s yours.

If it doesn’t

it never was.

— unknown author

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Love is not blind

Love is not blind

It can see what microscopes

have never seen

Love does not need a magnifying glass

It has clear eyes that see forever.

— Macrina Wiederkehr, “Seasons of Your Heart”, p. 91

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“Pain only exists in resistance.
Joy exists only in acceptance.
Painful situations which you heartily accept become joyful.
Joyful situations which you do not accept become painful.
There is no such thing as a bad experience.
Bad experiences are simply the creations of your resistance to what is.”

–  Rumi

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Give birth to others

There was a day in July

many mornings ago

(7:15 a.m. to be exact)

when my hope was so small

I didn’t know I was alive.

The doctor placed me aside

and announced the sad news of my death

right in the middle of my birth.

But God was good

and gave someone enough hope

to believe in me.

She leaned forward,

believing in darkness

what some folks refused to believe

in the light.

She believed in me;

and she held me as though

the stirring of the eternal

had just begun,

as though the mystery within

was just being born.

And the joy of it is:

She was right!

Because of her hope in me

I live!

And ever since that day in July

the mystery within me has grown.

The eternal within keeps stirring anew

like a fountain of living water

like a spring that never rns dry.

Could it be true

that some folks die

because our hope is too small

to bring them forth?

It is good to remember:

We do not give birth to ourselves.

We give birth to others

by believing in that first, small spark of life

the spark we can barely see.

It is called hope.

It is immensely helpful

at birth.

— Macrina Wiederkehr, “Seasons of Your Heart”, p. 43

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Silence is everything

It is not easy for human words to express to God what lies in the depths of our being. Some days we pray with almost nothing. Remaining close to Christ in utter simplicity is already praying. And silence is sometimes everything in prayer.

— Brother Roger of Taize, “Seeking the Heart of God”, p. 43


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On the other side

the sun

comes climbing down

the mesquite tree

with thoughts of escaping

into the buffle grass

and i watching with love

delight in its flight

knowing that its parting gift

will be a flaming sky

all excited with

leftover sun

and morning will find me

on the other side

sitting beside the purple sage

waiting for it to come once more


over the buffle grass

the sun.

a god

steps quietly

out of my life

wanting to be sure

i am not crippled

with dependency

and i watching with love

receive the dark night of my soul

my life still ablaze with

leftover transcendence

and morning

will find me

after my soul’s dark night


for a god

to step quietly

back into my life

a god.

— Macrina Wiederkehr, “Seasons of your Heart”, p. 125

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