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Rest in me

My beloved,

your heart is a precious gift to me.

I hold it lovingly in my hands.

I gently massage

those hardened and unfree places of your heart

so your heart can be pliable, soft and free.

I tenderly embrace the shameful areas of your heart

so they can be transformed

into acceptance and joy.

I lovingly hold the broken places of your heart

so you can be made whole.

I carefully circumcise your heart

so that it can be one with my heart.

Let your heart rest

in my hands

so that I can transform it

and renew it

through my loving embrace.

— Maureen Conroy, RSM, “Journey of Love”, p. 20


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The sun



all this time

the sun never says to the earth,

“You owe



what happens

with a love like that,

it lights the



— Hafiz, “The Gift”, p. 34

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can easily open the


that lets the spirit rise up and wear

its favorite costume of

mirth and laughter.

When the mind is consumed with

remembrance of


something divine happens to the



shapes the hand and tongue

and eye into

the word


— Hafiz, “The Gift”, p. 66

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Collect for morning

Morning Star, as the sun moves through the heavens,

night becomes day.

As the Spirit moves through the world,

the dusks and dawns of life become holy ground.

May I feel the sparkle of your radiance so deeply within

that I am able to live fully

into this day.

Let my spirit play in your presence,

regardless of what transpires…


— “She Who Prays”, p. 20

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Dawn psalm

While I was not watching

sunrise came with a ruby throat

and gold-flecked wings…

I turned

and the earth


While I leaned into silence

a morning too vast to fathom

filled with light.

— David Lee, from “So Quietly the Earth”

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We talked

The moon was white

in the stillness. Daylight

changed without moving,

a hint of sundown

stained the sky. We walked

the short grass,

the dry ground of the hill,


the tinted west. We talked

of change in our lives. The moon

tuned its whiteness a tone higher.

— Denise Levertov, “Evening Train”, p. 43

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For love’s sake

Into your heart, O God, we commend those who live on the edge,

whether by choice or through no fault of their own.

Into your rest, O God, we commend those who live

in a whirlwind of activity.

Into your presence, O God, we commend those we hurt,

whether carelessly, unintentionally, or deliberately.

Into your hands, O God, we commend our loved ones

and the strangers in our midst.

Into your depths, O God, we commend our inner lives

and our outer journeys.

Teach us to love, O Lover of life.

— from “She Who Prays”, p. 23

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