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The power of belief

What we believe about ourselves can hold us hostage. Over the years I have come to respect the power of people’s beliefs. The thing that has amazed me is that a belief is more than just an idea — it seems to shift the way in which we actually experience ourselves and our lives. According to the Talmudic teaching, “We do not see things as they are. We see them as we are.” A belief is like a pair of sunglasses. When we wear a belief and look at life through it, it is difficult to convince ourselves that what we see is not what is real. With our sunglasses on, life looks green to us. Knowing what is real requires that we remember that we are wearing glasses, and take them off. One of the great moments in life is the moment we recognize we have them on in the first place. Freedom is very close to us then. It is a moment of great power. Sometimes becase of our beliefs we may have never seen ourselves or life whole before. No matter. We can recognize life anyway. Our life force may not require us to strengthen it. We often just need to free it where it has gotten trapped in beliefs, attitudes, judgment, and shame.

— Naomi Rachel Remen, PhD, “Kitchen Table Wisdom”, p. 77

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The real


I held a memory

fresh, solid, strong

dew in June

before the deep greening

of my heart

I catch it again

just now


in my wet fingers


a rainbow of light

into my soul—

elusive, the real—

I live

for the challenge

— tau May 2009

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I am bursting forth

in light

in fire

in energy

bursting with Love –

my “burst-day” is coming!…

What if

shining forth

the truth of yourself



— tau, April 2010

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Mid life

Of the three


you see there

in the picture

the one in the middle

is the doctor

who operated

on my knee.

She doesn’t even

look old enough

to be able to hold

a knife


How did time pass

so quickly?

It was me

not so long ago

who was another child

in the middle–

diploma in hand–

and I’m sure

someone had the same


about me.

— tau, June 2009

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Walking down the street


Guided by the desires of my feet


Where do I go, what will inspire


Nature’s beauty, oh how I admire


Light bugs flash a pleasant show


Wind at my body blows


Earth is the giver to all


The biggest and even the small


Trees give us more than shade


Fruit, nuts, and berries from the glade


Sweet tastes and loving comfort from Her


Harmonious songs, I finally concur


Heaven is here behind the veil


Old rhythms and ways of no avail


My journey back to the oneness of it all


This epiphany with you, it is my call.

— Candice Tomlin, July 10th, 2009

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Remember, we are all travelers

who at birth began a journey through eternity.

— Settle Inn and Suites, WI

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Talk of change

The moon was white

in the stillness.  Daylight

changed without moving,

a hint of sundown

stained the sky.  We walked

the short grass,

the dry ground of the hill,


the tinted west.  We talked

of change in our lives.  The moon

tuned its whiteness a tone higher.

— Denise Levertov, “Evening Train”, On the Eve, p. 43

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