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Do you see that tree

over there?

I wonder how many

millions of seeds

it puts out

year after year,

one example

of life on our beautiful planet.

Humans sometimes only



or practice for it,

hoping for the best.

Nature shows the true path here…

Hope of this kind

has no place in this other



where abundance is already queen.

— tau Nov 2009


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Sometimes there’s a lot of wisdom in holding.  We hold thoughts, we hold babies, we hold our tongues (difficult!), we hold back, we hold out.  What is it that we’re doing, really? It’s called waiting. Giving ourselves time to think, taking the time to contemplate the situation, to listen to our instincts.  It’s a neutral space where feelings can be sorted out, thoughts clarified, emotions felt, a spiritual response engaged. Kairos happens and epiphany is just around the corner.

“And Mary held all these things, and treasured them in her heart.” (Luke 2:19)

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The spaces in-between are the spaces of the Infinite. Divine interstitial spaces. What is the glue that is holding your world together?

Throughout my day I find myself moving from “space” to “space”:  brush teeth, make coffee, walk the dog, laundry, wash dishes, work on the computer, eat, call people, go from site to site on the computer, errands. I move from one physical space to the other, from one mental space to the other, from one emotional space to the other, sometimes from one spiritual space to another. These generally overlap as I have a very active brain.

God is in the spaces, but God is also in the interstitial spaces (think of a building:  where the pipes and wires are, between and around the rooms, these are the “interstitial” spaces).  When I think I don’t have time to meet God in the spaces I normally look for God (or don’t normally, like the laundry room), God is still there, in the in-between spaces. I am surrounded and held.  How cool is that?!!

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The sun

Today the sun is glinting off the frost in the yard, reflecting off the blades of grass and giving the scene a dreamy quality–primeval tunnel of brilliance through the fog. Anything could happen here, everything looks fresh and new.

I wait and watch the light slowly change.  What does the world have in store for me today?

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I used to be

a young man

and I’m thankful

to dear Margaret

for remembering that

for me.

In honor of my dad who passed into new and greater life on February 1, 2010.  I love you, Dad, who taught me to dance, to work hard, to be creative, to give generously and to respect everyone and everything on this beautiful earth!  Help us all to continue to live by what you taught us so lovingly and patiently through all those years of your life.

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Protected: I heard God laughing (painting)

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the door

The one who wants to do good

knocks at the gate.

The one who loves

finds the door open.


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