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We know what the life of Jesus was about. Now it is time to ask ourselves whether our own lives begin to match it in message and meaning. We must ask ourselves, standing at an empty tomb, under an empty cross, in front of a needy world, whether or not when people see us at work in this time, they can say Alleluia, too.

— Joan Chittister, OSB, The Cry of the Prophet, p. 61


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Be prophetic

We are the normal people Jesus calls to speak the message again. We are the passionate ones who are called now to speak it over and over, with persistence and with confidence. To speak it courageously on behalf of those who suffer. To speak it compassionately with care, even for those who do not speak it at all. To speak it with a vision that transcends the limits of our own language and tribe, system and circumstances.

The prophetic dimension of Easter does not end with Jesus, it starts with us.

— Joan Chittister, The Cry of the Prophet, p. 61

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Open to the Spirit

It is not an easy task, this openness to the Spirit. It demands that we let go of our own ideas to make way for new manifestations of the presence of God in time. It is not a comfortable call, this invitation of God to a dark walk toward a distant future, but it is the ultimate manifestation of response to the Spirit.

— Joan Chittister, The Cry of the Prophet, p. 48-49

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Be awake

It is one thing to be pious; it is another thing to be awake. Piety makes us feel good; justice makes the rest of the world feel good, as well.

The prophets did not come preaching piety. The prophets came demanding justice for those least able to secure it for themselves.

— Joan Chittister, The Cry of the Prophet, p. 41

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Being complete


being complete

is as simple

as saying so.

— Kay Lindahl, The Sacred Art of Listening, p. 129

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I think God might be a little prejudiced.

For once he asked me to join Him on a walk

through this world,

and we gazed into every heart on this earth,

and I noticed h lingered a bit longer

before any face that was


and before any eyes that were


And sometimes when we passed

a soul in worship

God too would kneel


I have come to learn: God

adores His


— St. Francis of Assisi

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Big world

I live in a very small house,

but my windows look out

on a very large world.

— Confucius

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