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The door to God

Where is the door to God?

In the sound of a barking dog,

in the ring of a hammer,

in a drop of rain,

in the face of


I see.

— Hafiz, “The Gift:  Poems by Hafiz”, p. 222


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Someone believing in me

I am touched to the core

with a presence I can not explain

A loving plan enfolds me

Someone is always believing in me

calling me forth, calling me on

I am standing in grace

filled with mystery

touched with the eternal

I cannot get away from goodness

I think we name you, God.

— Macrina Wiederkehr, “Seasons of Your Heart”, p. 63

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Holy water

Rain this morning,

all morning long

and well into the afternoon,

August rain,

slow, steady drops of water,

holy water,

interspersed with mini storms,

streams of lightning,

darting passionately

into the weary soil.

The humid,

oppressive August heat flees.

I breathe more easily.

I smile.


my thoughts,

like August heat,

hang heavy and smothering,

creating an oppressive,

unfriendly climate.

Then suddenly,

some holy spirit, falling

as rain upon my desolate land,

descends like a blessing,

some sweet spirit full of hope

washes away the heaviness,

lightening up those hostile thoughts

till they are filled with loving kindness,

falling on those around me

like a rain of grace.

— Macrina Wiederkehr, “The Circle of Life”, p. 137

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How beautiful you are

Do you know how beautiful you are?

I think not, my dear.

For as you talk of God,

I see great parades with wildly colorful bands

streaming from your mind and heart,

carrying wonderful and secret messages

to every corner of this world.

I see saints bowing in the mountains

hundreds of miles away

to the wonder of sounds

that break into light

from your most common words.

Speak to me of your mother,

your cousins and your friends.

Tell me of squirrels and birds you know.

Awaken your legion of nightingales —

let them soar wild and free in the sky.

And begin to sing to God.

Let’s all begin to sing to God!

Do you know how beautiful you are?…

— Hafiz, “I Heard God Laughing” translated by Daniel Ladinsky

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Looking at you

One definition of prayer is: “Looking at God looking at you.”

Think of someone in your life right now

of whose weaknesses you are particularly aware,

someone who might be irritating you

or whom you resent.

Look at that person

through the loving and accepting

eyes of God.

Ask God to help you

to accept and reverence him or her

as God does.

— Maureen Conroy, R.S.M. from “Journey of Love”, p. 47

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Dream come true

My God,

help me to reach

my objective.

Make my only dream

come true.

You know which one.

— Zhoi Viki, 18, Greece

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Breath of Christ’s loving,

Holy Spirit,

within each person you sow faith,

faith which can only be

a very simple trust,

so simple that everyone can receive it.

Known or unknown, in our darkness

you kindle a fire

which never dies away.

— Brother Roger of Taizé, founder of the ecumenical community of Taizé, in France.  Taizé welcomes about 4000 young people per week to the community, from all over the world.

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