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A small part of Love

I do not know

where I’ve

come from

I do not know

where I go

I only know

that I feel

in my heart

that I am here


a very small part

of Love.

— Alice Walker, By the Light of My Father’s Smile, p. 204


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Notice your breath

Perhaps it isn’t surprising that when I began to really notice my breath, I began to really notice God. … I began to notice something else seemed to be there, not in the air or on the ground, but everywhere — something quiet and not at all pushy, some presence that seemed to be a part of me and yet not just me. Through breathing, I began to become aware that something was with me. … Sometimes it came on gently, and sometimes with a bodily and mental jerk. It was not threatening, but it was not human. It wasn’t déja vu, and it wasn’t an overactive imagination. It was just there, an often overpowering sense of hugeness, a vastness that was, somehow, oddly familiar. It was gentle, but there was also no mistaking that it was massively powerful. It seemed, well, friendly. And when I was aware of it, I could not remember how I had not noticed it before.

— Kerry Egan, Fumbling, p. 81

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The color of fire

stacking wood —

maple trees

the colour of fire

— Ann Goldring, haiku

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The Voice

It is so difficult to listen

to the Voice instead

of the voices — the ones

that rattle around

in my own head,

and the marketeers

announcing, Buy this!

You need that! Come here,

go there! Sell your self.

How can I listen for that still

small voice to find

my own voice?

Ah, Be still and know …

God is still


God is still


(John 10:1-10)

— Kent Ira Groff, Facing East, Praying West, p. 50-51

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their laughter …

the woods filled with white trillium

and sunshine

— Betty Drevniok, haiku

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Sensing God’s heart

After thousands of prayers and moments of silence in God’s presence, the soul learns to sense what we cannot understand with reason, theology, or psychology. If we enter the Room often enough and stay long enough to sense the Holy, then we will learn to perceive what the Holy Spirit communicates to us. The more we allow this intuitive part of our faith to grow, the more confident we will become in our ability to sense God’s heart.

— Vinita Hampton Wright, Days of Deepening Friendship, p. 201

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Silent before God

Silent prayer can be unnerving; it takes practice to be truly quiet with God because we’re so used to putting everything into words. We know how to complain and request. But in the silence we have no idea what might emerge. When we listen without knowing what to expect, we are forced into a new realm of openness. To be silent and waiting in the Room with God can feel as vulnerable as being naked in front of our doctor. Who knows what the examination will reveal? And how can we fight a diagnosis we’ve not yet heard? There’s nothing to do but wait and no stance to take except to trust in God’s love.

— Vinita Wright Hampton, Days of Deepening Friendship, p. 186

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