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They came

laden with armfuls

of food

and hearts overflowing

with endless


They came

with a sense of well-being

and a generous spirit,

leaving behind

in their own home and heart


in need of caring.

They came,

these great aunts of mine,

to steady and strengthen

my motherless mother

tending ten siblings

in the Great Depression.

They came,

not for the purpose

of teaching or preaching,

but to lend a hand

in a troublesome time.

They came

with resilient spirits,

messengers of how to endure

and thrive,

to find joy

in pieces of brokenness.

They came

leaving a legacy

in the ancestral lineage,

the hope

of better times

when all seems lost.

— Joyce Rupp, “The Aunts”, in Fly While You Still Have Wings, p. 9-10

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