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My heart flooded

He called me ‘Mary’, right from the word go.

My heart just flooded. Here he was. And the whole thing on Friday had been a bad dream. We could forget the nightmare and go back to where we were as if nothing had happened. I wanted to fall at his feet and hold fast, and tell him how much I loved him. He stopped me.

‘Mary’, he said. ‘We can’t ever go back. The way leads only forward. Don’t hang on to the past, however good it was for us. The future draws us on. The future has such gifts for us, but we can’t receive them unless we move on with empty hands.’

‘Are you asking me to let you go, now that I’ve found you?’ I whispered.

‘I’m inviting you to travel with me,’ he replied,’to a future we are shaping together. The paths to that future are not found but made, and the making of those pathways changes both the traveller and the destination.’

Are you coming, or staying where you are?

— Margaret Silf, Roots and Wings, p. 119-120




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My yoke is easy, and my burden light. (Mt 11:30)

This yoke of obedience led Jesus to criticize the hypocrisy of his religious leaders, cure a suffering person instead of keeping the sabbath law, walk and eat with people whom society despised, and speak with authority about religious matters even though he was not a rabbi. The yoke burdened him with a cruel and violent death.

Yet, the yoke of listening to God also led Jesus to liberation. Others saw his freedom and longed for it. They felt the strength and courage flowing from his freedom and witnessed even his release from death. In this freedom, the yoke is easy and the burden light.

— Virginia Ann Froehle, RSM, Loving Yourself More, p. 120

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When we have hurt someone we love, the pain inside can become unbearable. When we have hurt ourselves by making a poor decision, missing an opportunity, or misusing our bodies we feel a heaviness inside. Yet to God, nothing is irreparable. We need to ask forgiveness of another, grieve our mistakes, forgive ourselves, and be open to the compassion of God instead of the condemnation we may be tempted to lay on ourselves.

— Virginia Ann Froehle, RSM, Loving Yourself More, p. 124

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In your faithful love you lead me whom you have saved;

by your strength you guide me to your dwelling place. (Exodus 15:13)

Where is God’s “dwelling place” for you? A place in the center of yourself? In time spent with someone you love? A spot in nature where you feel the presence of God?  Heaven? All of the above?

— Virginia Ann Froehle, RSM, Loving Yourself More, p. 151


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Overflowing love

May your love overflow more and more

as you keep on growing in knowledge

and insight to help you to decide

what is best.

— Philippians 1:9-10

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God is closer to us than we are to ourselves. We live and move in God. We shrink from taking in this truth, believing in it and trying to live it because intimacy is so frightening. We approach intimacy with other persons slowly, testing the water, seeing if the other can be trusted with our wounds and weaknesses. We even have difficulty entrusting ourselves to God.

Think about any way in which your life would be different if you accepted God’s intimacy, if you lived in awareness of God’s all encompassing presence. Think about how it might affect your relationships with others.

— Virginia Ann Froehle, RSM, Loving Yourself More, p. 121

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First rate

Always be a first-rate version of yourself,

instead of a second-rate version

of somebody else.

— Judy Garland

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